Monday, January 26, 2009


Need a good budget wine under 10? Here is what I just ordered from Bevmo and my thoughts on the ones I have drank so far (will update again later):

La Vieille Ferme Cotes du Ventoux '06 ): Table wine with screw top.. nothing exciting.
Pepperwood Grove Merlot '05: Pretty decent merlot.
Francis Coppola Rosso Classic '05: A really interesting blend of different grapes. I enjoyed it.
Palo Alto Reserve Red '07: A new favorite. Bold and strong flavors.
Renwood Zinfandel Lodi '05
Tormaresca Neprica '07: Not a stand out due to lack of flavor.

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Jamers said...

I really like the Coppola one, too! It's a nice blend, especially for the $$. I've had that La Vielle one too, and agree that it wasn't very memorable. I don't think I've had the others.

If you likes whites at all, the Coppola Bianco is good too. I think it's a Sauvignon Blanc.

Happy tasting with the rest of whatever you've got!